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The Power of Process

It’s a fundamental truth worth repeating: you get what you pay for.

Craftsmanship separates the truly well-made product from its peers and hinges on the details found in the process.

At Harrison Steel, we’re process-obsessed and not afraid to say it. In fact, we’ve patented the way we do things here — and the systems that give our castings their quality, performance, and longevity. Our company may be a century old, but our processes keep evolving at the speed of innovation.


To be on par with the best companies in the world, your processes and operations have to hit the highest standards out there. We earned our ISO 9001-2015 certification to hold us accountable for producing exceptional work.


Our people are the power behind all our processes, so we protect them like it’s our job (it is). Safety procedures are an integral function in every corner of our plant.


We work diligently with our customers up front to create a fair and accurate quote range for each project. Nobody likes price creep or surprises.


We use the most advanced three-dimensional engineering software available and hyper-detailed simulations that allow us to “see” issues before a part is ever cast. Mold designs and production processes are perfected right from the start.



We bring a seasoned, skillful eye to the process in our full-scale commercial pattern shop, where—as always—our goal is a highly efficient, zero defect product.


We rigorously study the chemical and physical behavior of the metal alloys we use. Then we take all that scientific expertise and translate it into a consistently strong, durable final part for our clients.

Shroud Pouring

We’re one of the only steel foundries in the country that uses this tech-forward pouring process to minimize air entrainment and potential defects. The result? A cleaner and far-stronger casting.


Every part is inspected at the deepest, below-the-surface level to ensure consistency using our comprehensive nondestructive testing: wet/dry magnetic particle inspection, UT, gamma ray, and electro optical dimension verification.


Our in-house machining capabilities allow us to produce perfect, finished parts—not just rough castings—faster and more cost-effectively than outsourcing.


Our Casting Tracker follows each part through every project. Unique serial numbers keep parts under close watch at every stage of the process.


Our customers’ schedule is our schedule, and we ship precisely when we promise.

Environmental Commitment

As a global company, we recycle over 50,000 tons of scrap steel every year and constantly fine-tune our manufacturing processes to reduce our environmental footprint.

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