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Uncompromised Quality

It’s a culture. And the way we see it, it’s equally important in our products as it is in our relationships.

Flawless Finished Products

We stand by the quality of our castings for two reasons: because we pay close attention to the process, and because our parts have passed the test of time. Every member of the Harrison Steel team—from the engineering department to the finish machining shop—is working toward the same bar we’ve set for quality. It’s a high bar, and we won’t ship a product that doesn’t meet it.

Relationships Founded in Trust

Customers should be able to trust that their supplier can listen deeply to their needs, respond quickly to their questions, inform wisely, quote fairly, work transparently, craft accurately, and keep their word on every milestone and deliverable. Upholding these agreements builds a foundation of trust, one well-done project at a time. Whether it’s an initial conversation with a new prospect or a weekly update with a long-standing customer, our commitment to relationships is always at the center.

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