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Manufacturing & Production

Vertically Integrated for Optimal Control

Harrison Steel Castings operates three electric arc furnaces with the flexibility of acid and basic melting practices. With tightly-controlled processes, we assist customers around the world with precise manufacturing operations on our semi-automated and floor molding lines. 

We’re a vertically integrated company, which means we have more power over the process to improve efficiency and end cost. With our ability to complete all required heat treatment, NDE testing, rough machining, finish machining, painting and packaging operations on-site, Harrison Steel is poised to continue being an industry leader in providing Tier 1 casting solutions.

  • Pattern Production
  • Electric Arc Furnace Melting
  • Phenolic Urethane Molding
  • Product Finishing Operations
  • Heat Treatment
  • Shroud Pouring
  • Calcium Wire Treatment
  • Water Quenching
  • Clean Steel Technology
  • Machining
  • Painting & Packaging Solutions
  • Facility Engineering & Maintenance
  • Material Certification

Ready to start the casting conversation?

“Harrison Steel has been instrumental in helping our organization increase our build schedule. Our past due schedule was in real bad shape prior to partnering with Harrison Steel. Harrison Steel was able to dedicate resources, including finish machining, to bring our deliveries current, which resulted in increased revenue that we would have otherwise lost.”