Are you ready for Shift Work?


At Harrison Steel, we match the best applicants with the right jobs. 


Long-time manufacturing pros and career-changers sign on with us to improve their paychecks and skills. We welcome anyone who enjoys hard work and who shows up on time, especially independent thinkers and innovative leaders.


Fill out our general application, if you lack significant heavy manufacturing experience or your skills match multiple job listings. For construction, foundry and metal working experts, and other professionals, take a minute to browse our job listings, where we explain the requirements to join our highly specialized, cross-trained team.


Before you Apply

We dedicate countless hours to on-site training, to protect employees' safety and our reputation for continuous improvement.


Employees occasionally or regularly lift 10 to 70 pounds, as part of the day's labor. We work in conditions that range from extreme cold to extreme heat, inside and outdoors. Our jobs are tough. We do hard work. And we take pride in producing quality products.


The Benefits of Working for Us

Quality of life comes first at Harrison Steel. We are family owned, by the same family, since 1906. Many current employees began careers here decades ago, and their children and grandchildren have followed in their footsteps.


Our wages compare favorably with other employers in the steel industry and among local manufacturers. Available benefits include full medical, vision and dental plans, vacation, 401k and profit sharing. The WeCare Clinic is available free of charge to employees enrolled in our medical benefits program and their dependents. 


About Harrison Steel

Harrison Steel workers have created high-quality steel castings, right here in Attica, Indiana, for more than 100 years. Our dynamic, highly specialized processes and dedication to Satisfying the Customer make the foundry a leading producer of castings for the agricultural, mining and energy industries. We are an equal employment opportunity employer.


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