Value Added

Harrison Steel is committed to reducing waste through continuous improvement and lean manufacturing principles. Ultimately, with our machining, engineering and NDT capabilities, Harrison Steel strives to be the highest value casting supplier in North America.

At a time when many foundries are cutting back, limiting the scope of their services and outsourcing portions of the casting process, Harrison Steel remains a full-service castings operation. We offer turnkey solutions that include:

  • Professional Engineering/Modeling (MagmaSoft, SOLIDCast)
  • Full Scale Commercial Pattern Shop
  • Metallurgical Testing
  • Melting
  • Normalize, Quench & Temper Heat Treat
  • Complete Non-Destructive Testing – Wet/Dry Magnetic Particle Inspection, UT, Gamma Ray, Electro Optical Dimension Verification
  • Domestic & International Solutions
  • ISO Q9001 Certified
  • Machining

The ability to utilize Harrison Steel as a Tier 1 casting supplier can save a significant amount of time and cost. Simplified project management, logistics and financial administration allow us to keep total landed cost down. This results in improved casting supplier value stream and we view that as a win-win.

All of this equals added value to customers who want simplicity, efficiency and accuracy over complexity.

Get superior value with Harrison Steel.

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