Harrison Steel is an Energy Star Partner and is an active participant in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge. Harrison’s active Energy Reduction Team is lead by Certified Energy Manager, Kyle Long.


Harrison Steel is one of only four U.S. Steel foundries to be recognized Energy Star Partners.


Since 2009, Harrison Steel has cut energy use across-the-board by 13.43%. HS has accomplished this reduction mostly through:

  • High-efficiency lighting upgrades throughout the plant
  • Installation of Variable-Frequency Drives on large motors
  • Replacement of compressed air equipment with higher efficiency electric motors
  • Energy Audits


Harrison Steel is committed to responsible environmental stewardship programs and recycling efforts:

  • All modling sand is continuously reclaimed and reused via mechanical reclamation and two (2) 3 ton per hour thermal reclamation systems
  • Metallic slag and steel waste, shot blast dust, cardboard, paper, oil, and thousands of tons of steel scrap is recycled every year.
  • Harrison Steel has recently made the decision to eliminate harsh chemical parts cleaning solvents throughout its facility and replace them with only Environmentally friendly Bio-Solvents
  • Harrison Steel is currently in the trial process of a new, more environmentally friendly chemical binder system for molding. This new H.A. BioSet system produces as much as 30% fewer VOCs and a 25% reduction in CO during pouring, cooling, and shakeout processes.


Harrison Steel Employees are active members in various community sustainability boards including The Tippecanoe County Environmental Council, The Greater Lafayette Safety Council (GLASC), and the AFS Air Committee.

  • Recently received the 2013 GLASC “Best In Class” Safety Award