At Harrison Steel, our management philosophy revolves around excellence in products, service and support. We operate a state-of-the-art, technology-driven engineering and manufacturing facility based in Attica, IN. Our U.S. plant encompasses 650,568 square feet under roof and is capable of castings ranging from 350 to 12,500 pounds (net casting weight). We leverage sophisticated engineering software, tightly controlled manufacturing processes, superior quality programs and a motivated, non-union workforce to deliver second to none products and service.

The number one priority of the Harrison Steel organization is ensuring a safe workplace for all employees. We understand that the people of Harrison Steel are our best asset and for this to continue to be the case, Harrison Steel must provide a safe work environment and foster a culture where safety is never compromised. Harrison Steel also believes that it is has an inherent responsibility to be good stewards of the environment. Harrison Steel recycles nearly 50,000 tons of scrap steel every year and is constantly searching for manufacturing opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint. From a manufacturing standpoint, the Harrison Steel Castings management team works tirelessly to create a culture where decisions are based on data. Put in the simplest of terms; let the data dictate our daily actions. Harrison Production System is the program that drives lean manufacturing within Harrison Steel. Harrison Steel Castings will continue to be an organization that reinvests in its people and facilities, while also implementing the strategic plans necessary to support our mission and vision statements, all in an effort to: Satisfy the Customer.

“The management team at Harrison Steel has been very proactive to ensure that HS remains globally competitive. Their commitments to 5S, the initiative to make their quality systems more robust and the significant upgrade to their value add capabilities have been very impressive. In my opinion, HS is positioned to be an industry leader for many years to come.” – Casting Buyer, Energy Industry


  • MagmaSoft
  • Pattern Shop
  • SOLIDCast
  • Pro-Engineering
  • Engineering Assistance
  • Solidification Analysis
  • Dynamic Fluid Flow
  • Stress Analysis

Harrison Steel's engineering team is responsible for developing the appropriate methods and design requirements for establishing molding processes. We utilize the most advanced three-dimensional engineering software available and the experience of our seasoned team of engineers to help predict performance and potential defects. Simulations of mold filling and solidification analysis help us "see" issues before a part is ever cast. This capability enables our engineers to leverage data in the design of molds and production processes so that they are correct from the start and end performance is assured. If there is a potential design flaw, we notify customers so that changes can be made before problems occur.

“The methods and rigging engineers at Harrison Steel are as good as you will work with in the industry. Their experience and willingness to collaborate on projects is something our organization has benefited from greatly.” – Casting Buyer, Mining Industry


  • Pattern Production
  • Electric Arc Furnace Melting
  • Phenolic Urethane Molding
  • Product Finishing Operations
  • Heat Treatment

Harrison Steel Castings operates three electric arc furnaces with the flexibility of acid and basic melting practices. With tightly controlled processes, Harrison Steel assists customers around the world with precise manufacturing operations on our semi-automated and floor molding lines. Harrison Steel is vertically integrated. With our ability to complete all required heat treatment, NDE testing, rough machining, finish machining, painting and packaging operations on-site, Harrison Steel is poised to continue being an industry leader in providing Tier 1 casting solutions.

“Harrison Steel has been instrumental in helping our organization increase our build schedule. Our past due schedule was in real bad shape prior to partnering with Harrison Steel. Harrison Steel was able to dedicate resources, including finish machining, to bring our deliveries current, which resulted in increased revenue that we would have otherwise lost.” – Casting Buyer, Gas/Oil Industry

Quality Control

  • Harrison Production System
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Metallographic Testing
  • Chemical Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Radiographic & Ultrasonic Testing
  • ISO 9001:2008

At Harrison Steel, we relentlessly pursue quality in everything we do, every day. It's something we invest in, work on, and ultimately deliver to each customer. We employ a wide range of quality initiatives to support our culture of continuous improvement. In the process, we have successfully minimized variability and elevated quality in our manufacturing processes. Six Sigma (13 Black Belts), 8D, 5 Why, and Kaizen problem solving tools are employed to identify opportunities and strategies for improvement. From your initial new project with Harrison Steel, to your 100th year of doing business with our organization, you can be assured, quality will never be compromised.

“The APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) process at Harrison Steel is as comprehensive of a program that I have seen in the foundry industry when it comes to launching new projects. Without exception, it is a tool that separates Harrison Steel from many of its competitors.” – Casting Buyer, Mining Industry